Review: Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle – CritDMG

Before the leaks and official E3 announcements, I don’t think anyone would have guessed that Ubisoft would be making a Mario title, let alone to cross it with Rabbids and centre it around XCOM style turn based battles.Perhaps even more ludicrous than it simply existing is the potential for the game I’ve just described to be good. It may make you question everything you believe but Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle is a solid addition to the Mario lineup despite some senseless design choices.

Starting off the game seems to try to justify its existence by giving a story sequence about how this combination came to be. The opening cut scene explains that a young scientist has made a device along with her AI robot which can combine any two objects but it isn’t quite ready for regular use just yet. Enter the Rabbids in a time traveling washing machine who manage to accidentally combine themselves with the Mario Universe and in particular one Rabbid to the invention.

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