Review: Splatoon 2 – Sticky Trigger

You may remember when we previewed Splatoon 2 as part of the Switch preview event and made comment that it looked almost identical to the Wii U version. For a full release game, fans are deserving of having more than just a rehash of the same turf war based combat and somewhat ham-fisted single player. The good news is that Splatoon 2 takes what made the original fun and expands on it as well as improving the parts I didn’t enjoy in the first game.

When first starting the game it will force you to complete a quick tutorial which utilises the motion control settings rather than aiming with the right analog stick. As a slightly more traditional gamer, I found this experience incredibly jarring and difficult, which was only exacerbated by my time playing Breath of the Wild. In Zelda the game allows you to use motion to refine your shots, rather than disable your stick aiming and after pouring so many hours of my life into the title having the option to only use one or the other took some serious getting used to. I opted for no motion, which I think will be the common route for most folk and find the game to be quite smooth once you get used to it, especially with a Pro Controller.

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